What types of coffee do we offer?

Not so much. We've been raising a couple of kids and as such haven't had time to keep up on the coffee front...until recently. Much like the fever for more cow bell, roasting is a seductive avocation that is best accepted and submitted to. We'll keep you posted.

All coffees are packaged in compostable paper bags that contain 12oz of coffee. Just rip off the tin tie and throw the bag in your compost or yard waste bin.

What is our coffee philosophy?

First off, coffee is a very labor intensive crop to bring to market. It is important to remember the bean that you drink every day was handled by a bunch of people during the various steps necessary to deliver the coffee to you. By having a better idea of the work involved in producing high quality coffee we hope that you have a heightened appreciation of the beans you are consuming.

We at Small Cog Coffee treat coffee as the very perishable commodity that it is. Coffee is best 3 to 10 days after roasting. Whole bean coffee that has sat around more than 2 weeks has lost much of the aroma and taste that coffee lovers appreciate. As a result of the perishable nature of roasted coffee we recommend that you only order enough coffee to get you through the week. If you run short just drop us a line and we will swing some more of the sweet stuff by, we promise.

Ground coffee deteriorates even more quickly than the whole bean variety. The easiest way to explain this process is to think about the change in surface area between whole bean and ground coffee. Each bean after it is ground goes from being one piece to hundreds of tiny bits of coffee. All of the aroma and lipids that were locked in the bean after roasting have now been release or are much closer to the surface after the grinding process. As a result, freshly ground coffee = best cup quality. We beg you to not grind our coffees until you are ready to consume them.